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CAB018 Cabinet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit - Wine Guardian - Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms
CAB018 Cabinet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit - Wine Guardian - Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms

CAB018 Cabinet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit


Specifically designed to be integrated into wine cabinets to provide optimal temperature conditions for long-term wine preservation.Serving-temperature allows the user to rotate wine stock and change the set point from season to season, making it ideal for restaurants, wine bars, clubs, etc.

Cooling Capacity: 1400-1800

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The Wine Guardian cabinet cooling system was specifically designed to be integrated into a wine cabinet. Equipped with serving temperature abilities, the unit can also be adjusted to temperatures that are best for wine consumption.

The system is a professional grade, self-contained climate control system for regulating the temperature of a wine cabinet, wine display, or wine showcase at either aging temperatures or any serving temperature (41-64°F / 5-18°C). This is the 60Hz model.

*The cooling unit does not come with a cabinet.

CAB018 Cabinet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

  • The cabinet cooling system is completely self-contained and includes an integral air-cooled condenser
  • Unit can be installed on the top or the bottom of the cabinet
  • No ductwork or drain line required
  • The cabinet cooling system comes standard with the serving-temperature option
  • Line Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Capacity: 981 – 1950 BTU
  • Volume: 100 – 1200 ft³
  • L x W XH: 28.96" x 14.24" x 12.97"

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