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How large does my wine room need to be?

It all depends on the size of your wine collection. If you intend to store and age your wine for several years, you obviously need a larger wine room then if you tend to drink all of your wine within the near future. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space for a decent size wine collection. Converting a closet into a wine room can potentially create space for several hundred bottles.​

How important is climate control for my wine room?

It depends on the length of time that you plan to store your wine collection. If you intend to drink your wine within the near future, climate control is not as important as when you intend to age your wine for several years. However, as the ideal drinking temperature of red wine is 18C, it can be advisable to cool your wine room even if you don’t age your wine collection.

What materials do the walls of my wine room need to be made of?

If you choose to build a climate controlled wine room, insulation and vapour barrier become an important factor. We recommend a minimum insulation of R-12 for walls (in case of 2”x4” studs) and a minimum of R-24 for ceilings. A vapour barrier is also important and should be attached on the warm side (outside) of your wine room. If your wine room is not going to be in your basement, floor insulation can become important too.

What about the door? Can I use glass?

The wine room access door should be of exterior grade with proper sealing and double-pane glass. There is a trend to use frame-less single-pane glass to give the wine room a more contemporary look. This is okay, as long as the capacity of the cooling system is properly designed for extra heat (or in our case cooling) loss and you don’t mind paying more in electricity use.

What is the best location for my wine room?

This is totally up to you. A cool location in your basement would probably be your best option, but with today’s advanced climate control systems, the location of your wine room can be anywhere in your home (or outside of your home, for that matter).

Do you have a warranty on your work and installation?

Warranties vary depending on the manufacturer. The cooling systems we prefer come with a two year warranty, directly from the manufacturer. Most of our racking systems come with a lifetime warranty. Naturally, we strive for complete satisfaction on the install work of our wine room components.


What materials do I choose for the wine racking?

This all depends on your personal taste—you can let your imagination run wild! We install various metal racking systems (or combinations of wood and metal) to give your wine room that contemporary look. 

Can you show me what all the design possibilities are beyond the racking?

This is where we come in to assist you. We have a large selection of photographs and material samples to give you a good idea of the many design possibilities. With our expertise and experience, we can help you create a design that is uniquely yours.

Do you take care of all the details like walls, lighting, and hardware, or do I need to hire and interior designer?

We refer our own construction managers to make your project completely turnkey— from the design to the build and installation of all the components. However, you are free to use your own designer and/or contractor to collaborate with us to come up with a design and finished product that you feel comfortable with.

Do I get to see the design before it's built?

We will create the design from sketches and material samples to complete a 2D CAD drawing so that you can make your decision in total comfort. For an additional fee, we can even supply you with 3D renderings that will give a true reflection of the final appearance of your wine room.


How long does it take to construct a wine room?

It all depends on the complexity and space available, and if your wine room is going to be climate controlled. If you have an existing space and just want to install modular racking it can be less than a week. If you are looking at a complete renovation or new build and custom racking, it could take several months or up to a year.

Can I do any of the labour myself?

​Designing, specifying and constructing a quality wine room that will preserve and protect your investment is a highly specialized undertaking. Unless you are skilled in this regard, we recommend you work with experts who can manage each facet of the project on your behalf.

Is the cooling system noisy? Does it need to be vented?

Any cooling system contains a compressor and a fan that make a certain level of noise. If the cooling system’s exhaust will be situated in a living area, we highly recommend you use a ducted or ducted/split system instead, where the cooling unit is situated in a separate room, e.g. a mechanical room.

How do you keep humidity contained in the wine room?

If you plan to preserve your wine over a longer period, the installation of a humidifier is highly recommended. You can set the humidity at a constant pre-set level to safely age your wine collection.

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