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Does a Wine Cellar add Value to Your Home? - Jagged Ridge Wine Rooms

Does a Wine Cellar add Value to Your Home?

Does a Wine Cellar add Value to Your Home?

If we know our wine enthusiasts, we can honestly say a wine cellar or wine storage area is an absolute must in our homes. 

Wine Cellars can be beautiful features in a home, but do they add any value? Could it be as valuable as renovations and improvements to other areas of your home? 

The convenient answer is that it depends. A wine cellar could be the perfect touch to your home, but there is always a risk that you won’t get out what you put in.

In any case, here are a few thoughts to consider…

What are the benefits of having a wine cellar?

Simply put, a wine cellar is a luxury feature and is perceived to have a luxury value associated. In some respects, one might expect to find a wine cellar or storage area in a multi-million-dollar home these days. When it comes to actual value-added, it’s good to look at the bigger picture and view your home as a whole. 

You may ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your home benefit from having a wine cellar? 

  • Is there a space in your home that can accommodate a wine feature? 

  • Would your home benefit from other improvements over a wine cellar? 

  • Would a wine cellar add that “wow!” factor?


In the right home, a wine cellar will add value in the right market.


Wine Cellar Increases Your House Value

Wine features create a compelling appeal and generally have a greater risk of returning investment.

When you’re selling your home, you are looking to attract buyers through all sorts of means: supply vs. demand, sentiment vs. logic, passion vs. functionality. Wine cellars can create that emotional response that will be the key to increasing value.

Wine cellars and features in your home make great advertisements when ready to sell your home, just like a pool or gym would. The more attractive you make your home to buyers, the greater chance of increasing the home value.

A well-designed wine feature should be seen as an upgrade to your lifestyle. When buyers are looking for a new home, that is typically what they are trying to do: upgrade their lifestyle.

Your Wine Cellar is an investment, only if done right


It goes without saying, to add value with a wine cellar, it has to be done right and create an enjoyable environment in your home. This is to say, it needs to be done right. Quality of materials and an effective design are essential. 

So, what exactly creates value in a wine cellar? 

It has to be a space recognized as high-quality, luxurious, and a space that people gravitate towards. In its essence, a wine cellar should be a feature that is seen as both an improvement to your home, as well as an improvement to your lifestyle.


What to consider when building a Wine Cellar

Not all wine cellars are created equally. Depending on the space, the capacity, location in the home, intended use, etc., there can be varying balances between aesthetics and functional features. 

Some wine cellars are purely aesthetic and create a richness in your home, and some are purely for our collectors who keep their special bottles tucked away.

In any case, we find there is always a balance between aesthetics and functionality that we work to find with our clients. The need for a quality design that includes the right racking, cooling system, glass type, lighting configuration, and other building materials is absolutely essential. 

Turning an entire room into a temperature/humidity-controlled wine paradise can take just as much technical consideration as constructing a glass-enclosed wine wall. We’ve seen everything from simple wine storage to accent an existing space to custom-built rooms renovated to store and collect vast wine collections.

We work hard to balance the important technical aspects with the “wow!” factor we all aspire to reach! The better the design, the more it will add value.


Final Thoughts – The Bottom Line

Designing wine cellars for our wine enthusiasts is what we do best… and we enjoy bringing a little more life and joy to your home. Every wine cellar is different, and all our wine enthusiasts have their own unique tastes! While wine cellars are sure to add value to your home when done right, creating a space that you’re excited about has value that can’t be measured in dollars.

Wine cellars create a sense of luxury to your home, will surely impress your family and friends, secure and store your wine collection, and if you’re lucky, it will add that finishing touch to a future home buyer.

A wine cellar fulfills what everyone expects from such a feature: a sense of passion, comfort, luxury, and elegance.

We can help you create the right wine cellar that will increase the value of your home. Call us today! 403.993.4798


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